Mizar’s Trading & Beta Tester Competitions

Last month we released an article about the EndUser Whitelist and layed out the general metrics which Mizar will be tracking such as the traded volume, bug reporting, length of use, daily activity as well as others. We will clarify the rules, the spots and how they are distributed over the 2 different competitions in this article.

Unlike the Social Community Whitelist users won’t have to sign up for anything and are already entered in the competition by default. Unless you’re not a user yet, however it’s not too late to sign up today!

The first competition is the Trading Competition where the top 100 traders on Mizar will receive 1 Whitelist spot. The competition will be ending one week before launch (date: TBA), we will take a snapshot of the average 30-day traded volume at that time. As mentioned before all users are automatically participating in the competition and no action is required, besides trading normally as you’ve been doing before! There will be a banner in the console which will show your current position. This banner will be updated daily, so that you’re able to keep track of your progression.

(The banner will be going live on monday)

The second competition is the Beta Tester Competition where we’ve been keeping track of bug reporting, daily activity and amount of AMA’s participated to name a few. The Beta Tester Competition has a total of 100 spots which makes it a total of 200 for the EndUser Whitelist. This competition will be ending on the same day as the Trading Competition (date: TBA).

The Beta Tester Competition is divided into several categories:

  • Beta Tester, it’s a role given on our Discord Server for users that have submitted bugs, reports, feature requests or others that have contributed to Mizar by testing the platform.
  • OG Beta Tester, it’s also a role on our Discord, but the key difference is that this one is a level above the Beta Tester. These users have contributed a significant amount to Mizar over a longer period than regular Beta Testers.
  • AMA Listeners, we’ve been doing Weekly AMA’s and have been keeping track of users that tune in regularly. Based on your participation there you’ve been awarded points and will keep getting more as we’re hosting more in the future. (Check out the latest AMA with BPT & MEXC Global here)
  • General Users, if you didn’t fit in one of the categories mentioned before or don’t think you will make the top 100 in the Trading Competition, then this is the category for you. We at Mizar value every community member and everyone should have a chance at the Whitelist.

We have an AMA lined up on the 20th of April with another huge guest joining us! So be sure to join us to earn some more points and join our Discord Community today and earn the Beta Tester role to give yourself the best chance at earning that $MZR!

About Mizar

Mizar is a next-gen trading platform where traders can search for strategies to securely allocate capital or get access to a wide range of trading tools to put their assets in motion. Mizar makes trading simpler and more accessible to everyone, subscription-free.

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