Mizar journey to the Big Dipper

Hello Mizarnauts 👋

We are more than excited to communicate that the Mizar’s spaceship is ready to take off 🚀

The departure to the Big Dipper constellation ✨ is scheduled soon. Get ready! 🤩

To let everyone enjoy the journey, Mizar is planning a lot of activities, including a competition. There will be over $100,000 MZR up for grabs, with rewards split between two types of Mizarnauts: astronauts 🧑‍🚀 and space tourists 🤠

Interesting, tell me more…?

The competition is simple. There is one rule: whoever gets the highest return at the end of the competition wins 🏆

Astronauts can create a single fund 🏦. Their objective is to maximize returns on the fund during the competition through a combination of clever asset selection and well-timed swaps 💰

Space tourists will start with $100,000 💵 to simulate investing in astronauts’ funds during the competition. Space travelers can exit and enter at any time 🚶‍♂️

Everyone can be an astronaut and/or a space tourist. The best astronauts and space tourists will be ranked on the Mizar leaderboard. At the end of the competition, prices will be distributed 🥇🥈🥉

How do I participate?

For now, simply register your interest and follow us on Telegram and Twitter. We will provide you more information in the upcoming days.

Will the travel be safe?

The travel will be super safe. Mizar’s spaceship 🚀 has been designed and developed by expert engineers with long experience in the field. Mizar will provide a built-in swap service, with prices based on Binance. Since there might be turbulence during the trip, the competition will not use real but simulated tokens. There will be absolutely no risk of a crash! 💥

What’s next?

Mizar is preparing to launch its native token: MZR. The token will be used as a way to pay, get rewarded, reduce fees, and unlock features on the Mizar platform. Winners will be rewarded with MZR after launch. 🤑

We’ll be releasing more details on the competition every few days as we move towards the departure. Follow us on Twitter or Telegram to keep up to date 📱

The Mizar’s crew wish you a pleasant journey 🚀

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