We’re excited to unveil the release of The Mizar Beta v2 starting on the 1st of February. For the second stage of the Beta, the Mizar Team has prepared even more smart trading tools coupled with exciting discounts for early adopters!

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Strategy providers are also known as…

Hello Mizarnauts 👋

We are more than excited to communicate that the Mizar’s spaceship is ready to take off 🚀

The departure to the Big Dipper constellation ✨ is scheduled soon. Get ready! 🤩

To let everyone enjoy the journey, Mizar is planning a lot of activities, including a competition…

In recent years the volume transacted by algorithmic trading (or algo-trading) firms has increased to such an extent that a majority of orders in the financial markets are executed automatically by algorithms. For instance, a 2019 study showed that 92% of Forex trades were made by algorithms and not manually…

Dear Mizarians,

Welcome to the first volume of the Mizar Research Series, where the Mizar team shares knowledge with their community to help them build better algo-trading strategies. Today’s article will be about candlestick bars, which are widely used in the industry to build trading strategies.

Time Bars

The most common candlestick…

Mizar is a next-gen algorithmic social trading platform that allows engineers, data scientists and quants to develop, back-test, deploy complex strategies easily and securely. Successful algo-traders can publish their strategies on Mizar’s marketplace and attract capital from other investors and get rewarded. Investors can search for strategies and allocate capital…


Smart trading for everyone — Mizar.ai

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